This is the personal blog of Aman. You can click his name to go to his Facebook account where you can stalk him because he needs the attention. He doesn’t have a lot to do in life and yet, seems to have enough topics to complain about.

This blog is mainly meant for personal philosophical ramblings (that even he doesn’t seem to understand) rather than work related things, but that might depend on time and whether it’s he’s the same person in the future.

This is what he looks like in real life, with the exact color combination.

Aman as a person loves video games, marketing, anime (A good 6/10 on anime part), making pun jokes with his name, and work; or at least that’s what he tells himself to look more productive.

He has founded the pop culture blog Asidcast.com and is one of the brains behind the NerdMeet initiative in Kolkata/East India. Currently working at Nvidia India and handling the East India marketing.

If you want to reach me, please mail me at amanbiswas64@gmail.com or send me a message on Facebook. 


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